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January Staggered Return Details

18th December 2020
Please find below letters from the Vale and school detailing the return of students in January 2021.

Letter From St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School


Letter From The Vale Of Glamorgan Read More

Christmas Holiday

17th December 2020
Dear Families, 

I hope you are all safe and well.

From all the staff at SRG, thank you so much for your amazing support this year during such challenging times. The school only works when we all pull together as one community, staff, pupils and families. We have tried our best to keep school as safe as possible in these unprecedented times, thanks to you and your children for helping to make it work as well as it has. Although we have had a number of cases, we have had relatively few, compared to many secondary schools in the area and this is simply due to the engagement in the precautions we have put in place to try to keep everyone safe.

The new year will continue to bring similar challenges until we eventually see the end of this awful virus. We await information on how the new year will look in school, but we still know little about timescales for vaccinations and have no more detailed information about in-school testing. Although this is a good idea, the logistics of how it will work are a concern. The potential to have to test a full year group of 160+ pupils every day for ten days, after someone in their bubble tests positive is quite concerning. And without external support to do this, we will have to wait and see what guidance we receive.

We are trying hard to continually improve our online learning provision. This is something that we are learning from on a daily basis and trying our best to make it as effective as possible to work for everyone. We will never get it right, to make it exactly how everyone would like it, but I promise you will always do our best.

Please remember to ensure that between now and Tuesday 22nd December that you make us aware if any child tests positive for COVID. Email the school at providing an outline of the details including name of child, year group, date of symptoms and test result, as well as a contact number for me to call you on. 

Please also remember not to send a pupil back to school in January if they are displaying any symptoms or they have had close contact with someone who has tested positive, again please let us know if this happens. 

We return on Monday 4th January 2021 and it will be a week 2 timetable.

I wish every single one of you a safe, happy, restful and Holy Christmas. Let's hope and pray that 2021 brings new joy and positivity. I am truly grateful to be the Head of this lovely school, the messages of support staff and I have received from you in recent weeks have been truly overwhelming. Thank you to every single one of you.

Take care and the very best wishes.

Mr Blackwell
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School Closed From 11th December

10th December 2020
Dear Families,  

After school today, there was a meeting with the local authority. We have been informed by Welsh Government that all secondary schools will close from Friday 11th December

The pupils will move to remote learning on Monday 14th December.

We are sorry that this is so suddenly announced and we will ensure work and teaching will take place through Google Classrooms.  Whilst we fully intended to remain open until the end of term, it was becoming clear that with the escalation in cases across Wales, this was becoming increasingly difficult and particularly challenging for people as they prepare for Christmas. We want all our families to remain safe and pray and hope you are all able to enjoy Christmas. It has never been more important.  

God bless and take care,  

Mr Blackwell
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Isolation Period

10th December 2020
Dear families,

As you have seen the isolation period for someone who has been in contact with a person who tests positive from COVID has been today reduced from 14 days to 10.

This applies to anyone currently isolating. So, if your child if off at the moment due to a family isolation period then they are allowed to return to school, if you choose to send them, after 10 days of isolation.

Year 10 now only have to isolate until Monday 14th December and are now allowed to return to school from Tuesday 15th December. This is a parental decision if you feel you are happy for your child to return on Tuesday for the rest of next week, we fully understand if you as a family take the decision to keep your child home for the rest of the week in line with the initial isolation period. 

Staffing continues to be a challenge here at SRG due to the large number of staff having to look after their own children who have had cases in their individual schools, but we are currently operating a full timetable and hope to be able to continue this until the final day.

Thank you for your continued support in this challenging period. 

Kind regards

Mr David Blackwell
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COVID December 8th Update

07th December 2020
An urgent message from Mr Blackwell:
We have just been informed in the last half an hour that there is a positive case in Year 10 of a student who was in school Friday. As a consequence all of Year 10 will have to self isolate.
Please do not send your child to school tomorrow (Tuesday the 8th of December) and further details will follow as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience, please keep safe and well.
Mr Blackwell Read More

End of Term Update

02nd December 2020
The school is to remain open until we finish on the 18th of December. This will remain the same unless the Welsh Government decide otherwise. We are not expecting that to happen. Some schools are choosing to close earlier but we have no plans to do so currently. Read More

An Update From Our Head Teacher - Mr Blackwell

02nd December 2020
Dear families,

I hope you continue to keep yourselves safe and well in these uncertain and challenging times.

In September when we returned to school I sent you a COVID reopening document outlining our plans to make school as safe as possible. Inevitably we have had a relatively small number of COVID cases in school so far. It seems in recent weeks that there are more cases in young people and it is likely that we will have further cases unfortunately, hopefully I am wrong on this.

In my reopening guidance I highlighted  that we will have to consider partial closure not only when we have a case in a bubble but also if staffing numbers become too low to maintain opening the school safely. Up until now, staffing levels have been absolutely fine and of no concern. However, today we have a larger number of staff who are absent and we are stretched very thin as a consequence. Almost all of our staff absence is due to COVID related issues, not that any staff have currently tested positive but, either they have been in contact with someone who has and consequently they have to isolate as instructed to by PHW or they have a young child that is off school or out of child care due to a case in their respective bubble.

There is no action for you to take at this moment but I just wanted to raise your awareness early so that if we have to make a decision in the next few days then it won't be a complete surprise to you. I am hopeful that we will be fine but if things do deteriorate any further I will have to take the unenviable decision to ask one year group  (year 7 in the first instance) to work from home for as short a period of time as possible. 

As with any absence we provide cover staff for these lessons. Our preference is to use our staff internally in order to not expose the pupils to external visitors that may have recently been into a number of schools and potentially put our community at additional risk of transmission of the virus. Additionally, due to more and more schools seeing similar problems, it is becoming virtually impossible to secure any external supply staff even when we feel it is the only option left to us.

I am hopeful that this will not come to fruition but I just felt it was important to give you an indication of the current situation.

Thank you as always for your continued support.

Keep safe and well.

Mr Blackwell
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COVID Update

19th November 2020
An update on the situation from Monday. Years 8 and 9 will now be off school until the 30th of November. Students should be checking their Google Classrooms for home learning materials.  Read More

Message From Mr Blackwell

19th November 2020
Dear families,

We have this evening just revceived information that a year 9 pupil has tested positive for COVID.
We have not had contact from Public Health Wales as of yet and expect it on Monday morning.
As a precaution all of year 8 and 9 initally need to stay home on Monday 16th November  whilst we await for their guidance. As soon as I have spoken to Public Health Wales I will send communication out to you all as soon as possible with their advice.
Sorry for the late message but as I stated previously we have only just been made aware as a school.

Please be patient for online work to be set tomorrow, staff have not yet been made aware of this situation so they will try their utmost to organise online learning provision during the morning.

Sorry for any incovcenience this causes. Please kee safe and well and I will be in touch tomorrow.

Many thanks,
Mr Blackwell Read More

Summer Holiday's

22nd July 2020
Remember that school starts back for Year 7 ONLY on the 3rd of September. Years 7, 10 and 11 are in together on the 4th and 5th of September.

Monday the 1st and Tuesday the 2nd of September are staff planning days. The school will not be open to students.

Have a fantastic summer and we'll all see you again in September! Read More

The September School Day

22nd July 2020
The start of the new school year will be slightly different than normal. Full guidance regarding September will follow towards the end of August but we wanted to give you as much notice as possible. Bookmark our website so you can keep yourself up to date with our news and follow us on our Soical Media at Read More

An Important Update From Mr Blackwell

27th February 2020
Dear families, 

Hopefully you have seen the announcement by the Education minister this afternoon. The good news is that the plan is for all children to return to school in September, this will be with some flexibility to allow some form of phased return in the first 2 weeks, but by the 14th of September all pupils will be back in school.

I have no further details that that you have seen on the news but we expect guidance on Monday next week. It is great to have a plan for all to return but I suspect this will not be a completely normal school as we had before the lockdown. 

Once we have had more guidance and are able to use that to plan for SRG in September, I will be in tocuh, this will be towards the end of next week so thank you for your continued support and patience. 

In the meantime, keep safe and well and I will be in touch later next week.

Kind regards,

Mr Blackwell
Headteacher Read More